Our Great Lakota Staff
Inspiration, Motivation, Participation

The most important aspect of any great sleepaway camp is it’s staff.

At Camp Lakota, we believe we have the best staff in camping, and we believe this because we, through years of experience, recruit and hire staff that rise through our rigorous review process and meet and exceed our very high standards.

Whether it be our youngest campers, pre-teens, or teenagers, we need to have the best counselors for each age group. And we know, that each age group has different demands and needs. We find and hire the best counselors who are trained and prepared to motivate and lead your children and always keep them safe and healthy.

We also are proud that we have such a great return rate when it comes to our college age counselor staff. We bring back, year after year, the cream of the crop, and sometimes their friends to help us complete a warm, experienced and caring counselor staff each summer.

Additionally, we have a great staff of adult instructors and coaches. So many of our adult staff members have been with us for years and years. And many of these staff members are teachers, coaches and instructors in their professional life as well. Our Adult Staff members lead and train in all of our activities throughout our campus – and it is their adult professional guidance that sets the tone for all of our staff members.

Danielle Goldspiel

Danielle Goldspiel – Girls Head Counselor
I started going to Lakota at ten years old, with my sister who was seven. There was no question for our parents as to which camp we would attend when ready- my mom had been a CIT and a “do nothing AC” at Lakota herself when she was 15 and 16, and still remembers it today as the best summers of her life. My first summer was the same summer I met my husband Mike- who was also a ten tear old Hawk at the time. We returned each summer, becoming closer friends each year, for the next eleven years. When we were married in 2003, we followed in his parent’s footsteps, who also met at Lakota.

When I returned to camp five years ago, with our 8-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son, it was as the Chief girls group leader. As much as I have loved this position, I am eagerly anticipating coming back this summer as head of girls camp. After 15 years spent at Lakota as a camper, CIT, AC, counselor, and group leader, it feels like the natural progression for me. My whole family is looking forward to the summer of 2019, in which my sister’s son is joining us as a Brave as well. It all comes full-circle!



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