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Staff FAQ

When are we expected to arrive at Camp?

Early Staff Arrival day for Orientation is about a week before camp starts.

What is Orientation?
Staff orientation takes place the week prior to camp and every counselor is required to be there from start to finish. Orientation is very structured and includes fun get-to-know-you activities, games, team building and lots of training. Most important, you’ll meet and get to know all of the other counselors and staff members that will become like your summer family. Additionally, you’ll learn your way around camp, you’ll become very familiar with our program and you’ll learn the most important “skills” of being a counselor. Bring your energy and your smiling face and we’ll do the rest to make sure the week is informative and a blast!

How does our staff dress?
Lakota provides each Staff Member with 6 shirts that are worn everyday. After dinner, staff members can dress in casual clothing, appropriate of course.

What Is The Weather Like?
Generally the weather is in the mid 80’s, but come August it can get chilly in the evenings, sometimes in the 60’s, so bring some warm clothes as well.

Do I Get Any Time Off During The Summer?
Staff will have 1 day off each week except the first and last weeks (during the time the campers are in attendance). This totals 5 days throughout the summer. Days off are not cumulative.

Where Do I Live During The Summer?
Counselors live in our Bunks with the campers to supervise and guide campers at Camp Lakota!

How Does The Hiring Process Work?
Each staff person is carefully screened before being hired. The process includes an application, extensive reference checks and a criminal background check. We truly believe that we hire the ‘cream of the crop’ as your child’s safety and personal welfare is of our paramount concern. Many of our counselors are returnees and many were former campers. It is our goal to hire counselors with abundant experience in their area of expertise. For more information please email Michael Childs at or fill out an online application.

How do I apply for a position?
If you are interested in applying, please click on “Work at Lakota” or contact Michael Childs at

Exactly Where Is Lakota?
Camp Lakota is located in Wurtsboro, NY in the foothills of the
Catskill Mountains. The Camp is approximately 15 minutes west of
Middletown, New York. We are just 90 minutes from New York City.

Where Do Staff Members Come From?
The majority of our counselors come from across the U.S. and many
of our counselors were once campers. We do much of our recruiting on college campuses. In addition, we have a small group of counselors who come from Great Britain, Scotland and even Australia