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Warriors (Age 13)

Enhanced Autonomy and Choice

Our Warriors program emphasizes increased autonomy for 13-year-olds, allowing them to choose and shape their daily activities and specialized interests. This age group is encouraged to take responsibility for their decisions, fostering a deeper sense of independence.

Specialized Skill Development

We offer advanced, specialized tracks for deep dives into subjects like rocketry, sports, and arts. These tracks are designed to match their growing focus and capability for sustained engagement in complex activities.

At Camp Lakota we enforce a no screen policy for all of our campers because we believe that it helps our campers develop their social skills and truly be able to live in the moment, a skill they will truly relish throughout their whole life.


Overnight Adventure

Our Warriors are at an age where we like to foster their want for exploration. Our thoughtfully planned over night trip which will bring our Warriors to Hershey Park, summer 2024, is a fun and exciting way we are able to achieve this. While they are carefully supervised during their trip we still encourage them to use this time how they choose, and participating in all the trip has to offer.


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