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Hawks (Age 10)

Soaring with the Hawks

For many of our Hawks, it marks their debut venture away at camp, yet Camp Lakota ensures they have all the essentials for an unforgettable summer – a cabin brimming with companionship and counselors eager to spark joy and partake in thrilling escapades! Hawks transitioning from the Braves division will relish in added elective options, extended bedtime allowances, and a broader array of excursions to select from.


Reaching Milestones

We like to keep motivating our Hawks to continue to improve their fine motor skills, which is a big milestone for kids at 10 years old. By engaging in sports, working with their hands at Arts & Crafts, Cooking, Rocketry, and more with the support of our skilled staff our campers are able to practice their skills in a fun, safe, and supportive environment!

We have also found that without the distraction of screens on campus, campers can spent more time participating in activities, creating friendships and learning skills that they will use throughout their lives.

Are You Ready For The Perfect Summer?