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What to Expect

Truly a Rewarding Experience

Choosing Camp Lakota for your summer experience is all about the people. Our camp thrives not just on great facilities and a prime location, but on the dedication and passion of our campers and staff. Our counselors, who are genuinely devoted to children, bring patience and commitment to their roles, making every day rewarding. At Lakota, you don’t just work at a camp; you become part of a family, creating lasting bonds and memories with both campers and fellow counselors.

What You Can Expect

To have fun making lifelong friends from all over the country
To enjoy the beautiful outdoors (yes, you will get dirty and sweat a little)
To laugh a lot, many times at yourself
To learn from your campers and peers
To be surprised at what you are capable of
To be a celebrity…even if it is only in the eyes of one camper
To not want to leave

What You Should NOT Expect

To be alone often
A 9-5 job
To be on vacation

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What to Expect