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Work at Camp Lakota

Staff Mission at Camp Lakota

At Camp Lakota, we aim to ignite inspiration within our camp community. As a counselor, your role is crucial in motivating campers to embrace new activities, become excellent bunkmates, and contribute positively to the Lakota family.

Your responsibility extends to being an exemplary role model. Maintain a positive attitude, set the right examples, and constantly encourage your campers to strive for their best.

Participation is essential for a fulfilling experience at Camp Lakota. As a counselor, lead by example in all camp activities, from daily clean-ups to maintaining proper health and hygiene. Your active involvement inspires campers to engage fully, which is key to success at Lakota.

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Why Choose Camp Lakota?

There are many options for summer activities, but what sets Camp Lakota apart? It’s the people! Beyond our excellent facilities and prime location, the heart of Camp Lakota is our community—our campers and our outstanding staff. Our counselors are passionate about children, exceptionally patient, and dedicated to their roles. Working with children is profoundly rewarding, offering unparalleled satisfaction as you witness their growth and development. At Lakota, the rewards are great, but they are earned through dedication and hard work.

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