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Trackers (Age 12)

Enhancing Life Skills Through Fun

At Camp Lakota, our Trackers program for 12-year-olds focuses on developing essential life skills such as empathy, social understanding, and resilience. We provide a mix of activities that promote confidence and independence, all within a fun and supportive environment.

Navigating Early Adolescence

Recognizing the challenges of early adolescence, our camp provides a nurturing space that respects the physical and emotional changes occurring at this age. We encourage skill mastery through practice, helping each camper feel accomplished and secure as they transition from concrete to abstract thinking. Allowing our Trackers to have curfew every night lets them be responsible for choosing how they would like relax at the end of the day either out and about campus with there friends or choosing to spend time in their bunks and relax.

Building Independence and Social Skills

As Trackers grow more independent, we offer them the chance to make decisions about their daily activities, fostering a sense of autonomy. We also prioritize the development of mature friendships and understanding of peer dynamics, essential for navigating the complex social landscapes of early teen years. We find that our no screen policy is a great way for our campers to get offline and make connections at this age where important social skills are developed.


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