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A Perfect Mix of Elective and Scheduled Activities

A Program that Grows With you!

Our program is tailored to meet the developmental needs of every camper, ensuring a sense of achievement for all. We prioritize both instruction and active participation across all activities, welcoming campers of any skill level. This inclusive approach fosters a supportive environment where every child can thrive and discover new talents.


6-9 years old


Braves are the youngest members of the Lakota Family. For many, it’s their first experience at summer camp, which is why the schedule for the Braves is full of fun activities.

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10 years old


Hawks are fully equipped for a summer at Lakota, boasting a cabin brimming with friends and counselors eager to dive into fun activities and explore thrilling new adventures.

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11 years old


Scouts are the oldest of our lower camp divisions, with days full of fun activities and Lakota traditions they are getting ready to transition to upper camp and become role models and enjoy years to come at camp.

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12 years old


Trackers are ready to “track” down a good time everyday. Joining the ranks of upper camp the Trackers enjoy more independence and are able to relish in all Lakota has to offer.

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13 years old


Warriors are well equipped to soak up the summer sun and explore more freedom and unique over night trips planned specifically with them in mind.

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14-15 years old


Chiefs are given the opportunity to be leaders within our camp that younger campers look up to. Having grown up at Lakota, Chiefs are trusted with the great responsibility of passing down our traditions.

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16 years old


Our Counselors In Training (CITs) get to experience a great mix of the traditional summer camp experience, and the excitement of a “Teen Tour”, all while learning what it means to be a counselor at Lakota from our wonderful staff

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