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Braves (Ages 6-9)

Blazing Trails

Braves are our youngest campers in the Camp Lakota family, and for most, it’s their first time at summer camp! To provide our Braves with the attention that first-time campers need, our counselor-to-camper ratio is higher than in the other divisions.

Our youngest campers are also under the watchful eyes of our caring Camp Moms. Camp Moms are attentive to each child’s needs and help to maintain hygiene, clean clothes, ensure teeth are brushed, hair is shampooed, sunscreen is applied, and kids are kept hydrated.

Rookie Day

Keeping in Touch

For most of our Braves, their first summer at Lakota is there first time away from home without their parents and while we believe that spending the summer at camp has many benefits for young campers we still make sure that our campers have a smooth transition into camp life.

We are a screen free campus so some of the ways we make sure you can stay in touch with your child is by having weekly phone calls home, encouraging parents and campers to write letters, and having parents create a Bunk 1 account.  Bunk 1 gives parents a chance view photos daily, read our blog posts with updates on all the exciting things happening at camp and send their children “Bunk Notes”.


Life Long Friendships

It’s no coincidence that the division of our youngest campers are the Braves because coming to camp for the first time at a young age takes a lot of bravery! Many of our Braves start the summer not knowing anyone, but with in no time they will have formed bonds and made friendships that could last a lifetime.

Braving the Day

Braves get to experience all our camp has to offer! At Lakota we have made it a priority to set up our activities to be safe and fun for all of our campers and we are able to do just that by ensuring that we have equipment and safety gear for children of all sizes. We strive to create well rounded schedules for our Braves which includes activities like gaga, cooking, swim instruction and more while also giving them a chance to choose some of the activities they do each day through our elective program.

Our Braves also get the chance to go on our whole camp trip as well as a day trip planned just for our younger campers.  In between all the excitement each day at camp we also carve out time to give our Braves a chance to rest and relax, and each day after night activity our Braves get to stop by the canteen for a quick snack before returning to their bunks to get ready for bed!


Giant Swing
Swim Instruction

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