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A Day at Camp

Reveille to Taps, the Fun Never Stops at Lakota

Each day at Camp Lakota is filled to the brim with exciting Activities! Every division is given a well rounded schedule each week to ensure all our campers get a mix of activites from Volleyball to Go Karts, Arts & Crafts, Swimming and more!

Just like the days, nights at Lakota a packed full of fun and unique camp-wide activities. When the whole camp comes together its bound to be a good time whether it’s for fireworks on the 4th of July, a competitive night of Flashlight sing, our camper talent show, College Olympics, or any other activities from our list of long standing traditions at Camp Lakota!

A day at Camp
Reveille7:45 AM
1st Shift Breakfast8:00 AM
2nd Shift Breakfast8:30 AM
Bunk Inspection9:20 AM
Morning Line-up9:30 AM
1st Period (Daily Elective)9:35 AM
2nd Period Activity10:30 AM
3rd Period Activity11:30 AM
1st Shift Lunch 12:30 AM
2nd Shift Lunch1:00 PM
Rest Hour1:00-1:50 PM
4th Period (Weekly Elective)2:00 PM
Snack Break3:00 PM
5th Period Activity 3:20 PM
6th Period Activity 4:20 PM
Shower Hour5:15 PM
1st Shift Dinner 6:00 PM
Evening Line-Up6:30 PM
Evening Activity7:45 PM
Taps9:15 PM
Curfew(Varies for each division)