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Chiefs (Age 14-15)

Leading with Experience

At Camp Lakota, our Chiefs represent the oldest group, setting the standard for younger campers who look up to them. Much like seniors in high school, being a Chief at camp is a role filled with prestige and responsibility. These seasoned campers have grown up within the Lakota community, earning respect and admiration from the younger groups. Chiefs are given the opportunity to lead certain camp wide events such as College Olympics, Birthday Ball, and more!

Privileges and Independence

Chiefs enjoy the widest array of electives, giving them the freedom to tailor their camp experience to their interests. With the latest bedtimes and access to more frequent and extensive social events, they experience a taste of independence that prepares them for life beyond camp.

Role Models and Mentors

As the most experienced campers, Chiefs play a crucial role as mentors within the camp community. They lead by example, guiding younger campers through camp activities and offering advice and support. Their leadership extends beyond just activities, as they help foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for all campers.


Screen Free Campus

At Camp Lakota we have a strict no screens policy because we believe in the importance of unplugging and truly being in the moment. Without the distractions of technology our campers are able to fully immerse themselves in camp life! Technology is more prevalent in our lives than ever before so we believe it is more important than ever to give children the chance to make connections in real time and it is amazing to see our campers really enjoy the time spent “unplugged” at camp.

Chief Trip

Each year we carefully plan trips for our Chiefs that are exciting and enriching where they will get to explore different areas of the East Coast. For the 2024 season our Chiefs will be traveling to Boston! If you have any questions or want to know more, give us a call!


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