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CIT (Age 16)

Opportunities for Growth

At Camp Lakota, our CIT campers might be the eldest in our family, yet the journey doesn’t end there. The Teen Leadership Program steps in to prepare 16-year-old Counselors In Training (CITs), setting the stage for the next generation of leaders.

From Campers to Counselors

While enjoying the perks of camp life, CITs live and learn in a community of their peers, gaining practical skills in a team-oriented setting. They transition from participating in camp activities to leading them, teaching their skills to younger campers in a dynamic and engaging manner. The program enhances their abilities in communication, organization, and leadership, preparing them for impactful roles as future counselors and exemplary citizens.


Lifelong Skills for Teen Leaders

At Camp Lakota, the skills our Teen Leaders develop are not just useful for camp—they are essential for life. While they may start as camp-focused, these skills are indeed life-focused. Our Counselors In Training (CITs) engage deeply in learning leadership skills, building strong character, gaining confidence, mastering communication, and practicing accountability.

The training and experiences provided at Camp Lakota equip our teen leaders with the necessary skills to succeed in any endeavor. By fostering an environment where they can grow and take on responsibilities, we prepare them to be effective, responsible members of society, ready to lead and inspire wherever their paths may take them.


CIT Travel Program

At Camp Lakota we have combined a traditional summer camp experience with the excitement of a “Teen Tour” by including an 8 day West Coast trip to California, Las Vegas, & Arizona!

Trip Highlights include: San Diego Zoo, Surf Lessons, Sedona Jeep Tour, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Hike through Zion National Park, Stratosphere Las Vegas, Camp Grounds, and Hotel Accommodations.

**Air Fare not included**

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