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Gymnastics, Dance & Fitness

At Camp Lakota, we offer gymnastic training tailored specifically for children. Our program combines fun games with structured training to help develop skills, strength, and confidence in young gymnasts. Whether your child is just starting or looking to improve their gymnastic abilities, our supportive environment is perfect for learning and growth.

Dance Instruction at Our Pavilion

Encourage your child to dance their heart out in our recently upgraded dance pavilion, where we teach multiple dance styles. From ballet to hip hop, our classes are designed for children of all skill levels, providing a fun and expressive way to learn dance in a relaxed camp setting. If your child wants to go and show off their skills, we also regularly compete in dance competitions with other camps and the Lakota dance team has a good record for bringing home trophies!

Fitness and Yoga

Round out your child’s camp experience with a visit to our fitness gym or a calming session in our yoga pavilion. These activities are designed to complement their gymnastic and dance efforts, promoting overall fitness and relaxation in a kid-friendly environment.


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