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Scouts (Age 11) 

Competence Breeds Confidence

At Camp Lakota, our Scouts group, designed for kids aged 11, focuses on building independence, teamwork, and a deeper connection with nature. This age is all about exploration and expanding horizons, and our program reflects that spirit.

Activities and Learning

Our Scouts engage in a diverse array of activities tailored to pique their curiosity and challenge their growing skills. From outdoor survival skills workshops to advanced arts and crafts, we ensure that every Scout has the opportunity to learn and grow in a fun, supportive environment. Our structured activities are aimed at developing practical skills, fostering a sense of community, and encouraging personal growth.


Growing Up at Lakota

Being that our Scouts are getting ready to transition to being apart of upper camp we like to expand their independence and allow them to build their social skills. Our scouts to get multiple nights of curfew each week and a later bed time giving them a chance to choose how they unwind at the end of each day.

Having a no screen policy on our campus is a huge benefit for our campers because it gives them a chance to learn how to truly relax during down time and how to wind down at bed time without technology, and create routines to relax which they will carry with them.

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