The Keys to Our Success with Younger Campers


Since 1924, Camp Lakota has provided a nurturing and supportive environment for all our campers. Each Lakota camper is a unique individual. Lakota’s dedicated and outstanding staff, dynamic programs, beautiful grounds and lake delivers a most memorable summer camp experience!

Lakota’s seasoned staff knows the importance of communication with our campers and their families. We stay connected via off-season calls, pre-camp tours, meetings, emails, and Lakota’s annual Pre-Union for new campers. Lakota’s staff is dedicated to learning as much as possible about your child to insure they will have a safe, successful and most memorable summer!

With that in mind, upon enrollment each family receives a “Camper Confidential” form that we ask to be completed for each camper. This form may include allergies, food preferences, summer goals, and relationship building skills. With this important information in mind, Lakota’s experienced staff will be able to better understand your camper, and be prepared to help and act as a guiding force throughout your child’s summer camp experience.

All of our campers learn at Camp Lakota that you must treat others as you wish to be treated, and that is with care and respect.

Camp Lakota Trained and Caring Staff

All Lakota’s staff, college age and adults are required to attend our Lakota orientation, a one week training program. Lakota’s program as recommended by the American Camping Association, covers health and wellness, bully prevention, emergency procedures, bunk building and developing friendships, and motivating skills to be used on a daily basis with our young campers. Lakota’s orientation week insures that each counselor, activity specialist and adult instructor is prepared for the campers’ arrival, and full summer camp experience.

DSC_0992Lakota’s caring medical team of licensed RN’s and Doctors staffing our infirmary completes a visual health examination of all campers upon arrival. Counselors and Group Leaders continue to perform daily visual inspection of campers to insure their health and well being.

Should a camper need more than a band-aid, a Lakota staff member will call you to discuss the issue and plan the next steps. Each camper has the opportunity to visit the infirmary during our daily health call and whenever needed. Lakota’s experienced RN’s insure that each camper receive the correct dosage for all prescription and over the counter medicines.

Growing Up at Camp Lakota

Lakota’s two youngest groups, the Braves and Hawks, are supported by adults who have their own children enrolled in camp, and have years of experience in our setting. Our Group Leaders are prepared to handle unique situations with maturity and patience. We have a Camp Mother, whose primary focus is for our Braves and Hawks. She offers guidance in daily camp life and activities including health and hygiene, how to make their beds, and keeping their bunk cubbies clean. Lakota’s camp mom is a great shoulder to lean on when needed.

DSC_0826Lakota’s Braves campus is for youngest campers entering 1st through 4th grade, and Hawks are those entering 5th grade. Our camp staff is hand picked and trained to provide the best experience for young campers. Lakota’s dedicated all-star staff is comprised of adult educators and coaches, college age counselors selected from Lakota’s past campers, and through our extensive interviewing and hiring process.

Lakota’s seasoned staff oversees our Braves and Hawks campus for boys and girls. Each bunk has experienced college age counselors who are trained in the Lakota system of camper care. These select counselors are supervised by our group Leaders, who in many cases are parents themselves.

Young Braves and Hawks campers learn social skills in the bunk setting, under the direction of Lakota’s trained and experienced counselors. The social and practical skills that they learn at camp will last a lifetime.

Lakota’s Dynamic Program from Revielle to Taps

Camp Lakota’s experienced specialty counselors who supervise daily activities such as waterskiing, basketball, tennis, pottery, and the climbing wall, prepare programs to entertain and challenge our campers across all age and skill levels, insuring that our young campers have a great introduction to all activities.

promoshots 589Each Braves camper is paired up with a counselor during elective, who will personally escort them to their activity. Lakota counselors insure campers are properly dressed, arrive safely, and are settled in to learn and participate. Lakota campers learn independence and confidence through their daily activity schedule. Each camper is encouraged to try new activities, and when needed they are assisted in the process to ensure success. Lakota’s experienced staff instills confidence, and guides campers to become successful and proud of their accomplishments.

Braves and Hawks campers go through a bully-prevention session within each bunk. Lakota’s trained staff works with each cabin to set bunk rules, and to emphasize our code of conduct; all campers are part of the Lakota family, and everyone is to be treated with respect. Camp Lakota is a Bully-Free Zone.

Lakota’s Campus is Designed for Camper Success

Braves and Hawks occupy a custom designed bunk, which allows them to reach the sinks, access their cubbies and shelf space. Their custom campus also has its own playground just steps away–campers can play supervised with their bunkmates at a moments notice.

Camp Lakota provides continuous 24 hour supervision for all our Braves and Hawks campers with experienced staff, trained in all emergency procedures.

Lakota’s dining hall provides a daily variety of healthy dishes, and options that is sure to please. Each meal is well-balanced, with a fresh salad bar always featured at lunch and dinner. Lakota counselors are trained to observe younger campers to make sure they are eating well-balanced meals and motivate their campers to try new items daily.

Throughout Lakota’s campus, we have specially designed facilities and equipment to promote success with our youngest campers at activities. For our younger campers, we have special water-ski equipment, small ponies, mini basketball courts for ease in learning and achievement. We also provide smaller harnesses and protective gear for the zip-line and climbing wall, along with a great instructional swim program for all. Most every activity features equipment and techniques to promote success, and a sense of accomplishment.

Lakota counselors know that each camper is unique; and they are trained to assist your children to succeed at camp through learning, participation and being prepared for excitement and enriching days.

Many parents of Lakota campers tell us they cannot believe how independent their child has become from their camp experience. Parents marvel that upon arriving back home, “They even make their own bed!”

Is Camp Lakota right for my child?

At Lakota we’re centered upon the “bunk family,” teamwork, and our belief in “all for one and one for all.” Over the years, we’ve found that our families are looking for a place where their children can become active campers, contribute to our famous camp spirit, develop self-confidence, make friendships and come away with an enthusiasm for camp life and community.

Camp Lakota is an environment where children are encouraged to try, learn, and participate in a variety of sports for skill development across all levels. Lakota’s dedicated and experienced staff interacts with your child to encourage teamwork, building team spirit and developing individual successes. In contrast to some families who may seek highly aggressive and targeted sports programs that place emphasis on only achieving individual goals.

Those families looking to foster a strong sense of community are the families who seem to enjoy Lakota year after year.

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